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Dynadot Domains and VPS Services

Dynadot is a host that gives users one of the most attractive, functional and intuitive control panels seen on any host. You are given access to every facet of configuration and their interface guides you to each feature with ease.

Personal Service on a One-to-One Basis

Dynadot is a webhost and domain registrar that is based in Mateo, California in the USA. Founded in 2002, Dynadot are devoted to personal customer service and stable, easy to use hosting. Each query is responded to by a member of the staff, there are no standardized responses.

Great Site Builder and Speedy Server Hosting

With every domain that you register, Dynadot gives you access to their site builder. This is an especially functional tool that lets one build attractive, feature-rich sites using a simple, drag-and-drop interface, perfect for a quick landing page. Dynadot does not provide any additional, conventional shared hosting packages, but rather offers VPS servers for your hosting needs.

$10 a month grants you a single core VPS with 512MB of RAM, 10GB Disk Space and 1TB worth of data transfer. Uptime is guaranteed at 99.99% You have full root access and their servers used KVM virtualization, granting dedicated RAM and disk access. With each VPS you are assigned both a static IPV4 address, as well as an IPV6

Cheap SSL

Email hosting is also supplied by Dynadot, and is affordably priced for a business needing access to mail only. SSL Certificates are especially cheap at Dynadot, with a 256-bit SSL with a $10,000 guarantee setting you back just $16.99 per year. Using one of their VPS services in conjunction with the affordable SSL results in a capable hosting package for eCommerce at a very good rate.

Payment methods are extremely versatile, with Dynadot accepting all major credit and debit card, Skill, unverified PayPal, Alipay and Bank Wire transfers. Dynadot is also open to suggestions for payment methods not yet supported. Prepaid payments allow you to place credit onto your Dynadot account for later use. All pricing is apparent, what you see is what you get, there are no hidden costs, clauses or non-obvious marketing exercises.

Capable Registrar with great eCommerce Functionality

Dynadot is a great registrar that runs frequent specials on top level domains. In terms of hosting, their VPS capabilities are fairly priced and give very good speeds. Customer support cannot be faltered, with every encounter with support staff being prompt, friendly and they resolve queries extremely quickly. If you are considering hosting a large ecommerce site then Dynadot’s SSL certification and rock-solid servers should definitely be considered as one of the top options available.

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