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Netfirms – Serving 1.2 Million Happy Customers

Netfirms is a powerful web hosting services and solutions provider that serves over 1.2 million customers around the world. Since their founding in 1998, Netfirms has rapidly spread throughout the web-hosting and domain name registration industry rapidly, building in strength and stability.

Twelve Years in Hosting

Twelve years of business bring a lot of experience to the field and Netfirms are firming built upon a network of Tier 1 data centers, utilizing clustered hosting to grant excellent performance across the entire network.

Custom Control Panel

Netfirms gives users a control panel that is both easy to use and highly functional, granting many advanced features and functions. This panel can be accessed via a common URL or an IP address: 192.168.l.l. The SiteBuilder granted is one of the easiest to use, whilst the ecommerce solution gives easy setup and detailed analytics, a file manager that could not be simpler, integrated Google Analytics, multiple domain management, simple domain transfers, automated configuration of the application of SLL certificates and a thorough and comprehensive knowledgebase to resort to for support. If you prefer personal interaction, support is available for twenty-four hours a day. Customer services respond quickly and can attend to any difficulties encountered.

Affordable Annual Shared Web-Hosting

Shared hosting is provided in three packages, all of which are only payable annually. The plus plan is billed at $59.40 annually and gives you one free domain, the ability to host an unlimited amount of sites but just 5 MySQL databases. The advantage plan gives you unlimited disk space, two free domains and the ability to host any amount of websites, with 200 available MySQL databases. It is charged at $119.88 per year. The business plan comes with an annual rate of $179.99 but gives you five free domain name registrations and no limits to any criteria. Discounts can be found when opting for a two or three year subscription period.

Shopsite for eCommerce

Shopsite is what Netfirms offers customers seeking a powerful ecommerce solution. Easy installation of Netfirms Shopsite is provided, along with five domain names, Google AdWords vouchers, telephonic support and scalable bandwidth, for the $179.99 that is charged per year. ShopSite gives customers unrestricted shopping with membership and shopping cart functionality, catalogs, advanced categories and product sorting and an array of customer retention tools. Administration features are not lacking, with policies being available and every facet of the Shopsite control being customisable.

Expensive VPS Rental from Netfirms

Netfirms also have three VPS offerings. The first costs $33 per month and gives 512MB or RAM, 1000GB of bandwidth, 20GB of storage and two dedicated IP addresses. The second package is billed at $66 per month and grants 1GB of RAM, 1500GB of bandwidth and 40GB of storage space, with two static IP addresses. The third VPS available gives 2GB of RAM, 2000GB of bandwidth and 60GB of storage space, with two static IP addresses, this is a cost of $199 per month. All virtual private servers are Linux OpenVZ based.

A Great Provider of Annual Shared Web-Hosting

Netfirms may have great deals on annual hosting but their VPS services are grossly overpriced. A fair amount of value is given in the form of free domains making the overall worth of all shared hosting offerings much higher than first perceived. Netfirms are great for everything except virtual private server hosting.

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